Stamped Concrete Driveway Sealing: 5 Tips

Concrete driveway sealing is part of a good maintenance program for those with stamped concrete. When undertaken on a regular basis, it will help extend the life span of your driveway considerably. The color and luster of a concrete driveway tends to fade with time, and sealing helps to sustain the color vibrancy. It is best to seal your driveway every 2-3 years, however, the first sealant should be applied 6 months after installation. Below are 5 maintenance tips that will help you keep your driveway in good condition for longer.

When to Apply Sealant

It is best to apply sealant during cooler weather. The fall or spring are most ideal. Do it in the early morning, before 10 am or in the evening, after 4 pm. Do not apply sealant in hot weather. The high temperatures will hinder proper setting.

Clean Before You Seal

Dust, dirt and debris always gather on the driveway. Regular cleaning is a good idea as it will keep your driveway looking its best. Before you seal the driveway, you need to do the regular cleaning as a preparatory measure. This will clear the driveway of all dirt, leaving the surface clean and ready for sealant. Use a garden hose to rinse the driveway. Apply some liquid detergent and scrub with a medium-bristled brush. Rinse with adequate water to clear all traces of soap. Allow a day or so for the driveway to dry completely. You can use a leaf blower if you want it to dry quicker.

Sealer Preparation

It is important that you prepare an adequate amount of the sealant that will cover the entire driveway. Generally, a 5-gallon container should be adequate for 1,000 square feet. Add one jar of anti-skid material into the sealant and mix it well.


Apply the sealant in small sections. This will ensure that you do a thorough job and cover the entire driveway. Use nap rollers to apply sealant. Begin at one end of the driveway and work your way across and upwards. Allow sufficient time for the first coat to dry well. It may take a couple of hours. When it doesn’t feel sticky you can proceed to apply a second coat. Work in a similar manner as during first coat application.


When sealing driveways, it is important to allow the sealant to dry completely before you use the driveway. 24 hours should be adequate time.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not apply sealer to driveway before you clean it first.
  • Do not apply sealer to a damp or wet driveway.
  • Do not apply sealer with a sprayer. It is best to use a nap roller as a sprayer doesn’t transfer the anti-skid material. It will clog the sprayer.
  • Do not fail to stir the sealant after you begin application. Failure to stir will cause the anti-skid solution to separate from the sealant. Be sure to keep stirring the solution.
  • Do not apply a second coat before the first coat has dried well.