Standard Small Toilet Dimensions for Tight Spaces


The toilet is the essential feature of every bathroom. Regardless of any other fixtures you may include, it simply won't be a bathroom without a toilet. Some homeowners find that when creating a new, small bathroom, the standard size toilet may be difficult to fit. Do not despair. With some careful planning and the advice in this article, you can successfully install a toilet in your small bathroom space. Read on to learn more.

Picking a small toilet installation for a small bathroom space will depend on a few factors such as the shape of the toilet seat, tank design, and the rough-in dimensions. Toilet seats could either be round or elongated, with the latter requiring more space than a round design. The tank could either be one or 2-piece in design. The rough-in dimension is the distance from the wall to the center of the toilet drain in the floor.

Picking the Right Toilet

For tight spaces, an elongated toilet bowl design could extend anywhere from 29 to 31-inches from the wall and could hinder the movement of the bathroom door as it swings open. A round toilet bowl design is recommended for most tight spaces as it will only extend 25 to 28-inches from the wall. A toilet fixture with a one piece tank design and a 10-inch rough-in is recommended for most small spaces. Consider the fact that a toilet placed closer to a wall will naturally take less space.

Point to Remember

The National Kitchen and Bath Association requires 15-inches of clear space from the center of the bowl to any wall or obstruction that may constrict movement. Any sanitary fixture near the toilet bowl would have to be placed at a distance of at least 32-inches, with a minimum 24 inches of free space in front of the toilet.