Star Deep Fryer

With both electric and gas-fueled models available, a Star deep fryer is a countertop commercial model with a varying capacity. Designed to hold anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds of cooking oil, Star fryers have an operating temperature range from 200 to 375 degrees. Priced from roughly $600 to $1,700, they are equipped with a host of performance and safety features that enable easy, trouble-free use and quick cleanup. Depending on the needs of any given restaurant or fast food stand, Star offers both single and dual-tank fryers. 

Cooking Performance

Star deep fryers are quick to heat and maintain precise temperature levels, so fried foods always come out perfectly done. Electric units feature a nickel-plated steel kettle, while gas-fueled models feature copper-plated kettle fins to help distribute heat from the burners more efficiently. A front-access drain valve enables oil to drain quickly and without a lot of mess. Twin-pot models include dual 15-pound kettles, while all Star fryers feature adjustable legs.


Equipped with a high-limit safety cut out thermometer, Star deep fryers will automatically shut off if the temperature gets too high. Electric models feature immersion-style heating elements, which improve overall performance. Other features include on/off switch, dual indicator lights, nickel-plated steel mesh baskets and an all-stainless steel cabinet.