Starting and Germinating Bluebell Seeds

Bluebell seeds are fairly easy to grow if you understand where they grow naturally. With a dark blue, even violet flower, bluebells like shady spots under deciduous trees. They create a carpet of blue in wooded areas. Blooms come out in late April or early May. Bluebells form bulbs underground, but it is considered best to grow them from seeds.

Plant in Pots

Plant your seeds in pots in late fall or early winter, then cover with some fertilizer. Bluebell seeds need to stay moist. When sold in packets, the packets are lined with foil to keep in moisture. Their natural cycle is to germinate during the winter, so leave the pots outside where they will be planted. In early spring you can plant them, but be aware that the seedlings look exactly like grass. It is easy to mow them or pull them out while weeding.

Be Patient

Bluebells grown from seeds will be at their best in their second year. In the first spring after planting they are just starting. When they are established the blue color will provide one of the earliest indicators of the spring that is on the way. Soon they will spread seeds in the wind and your bluebell patch will grow naturally.