Steam Bending

Steam bending is the process by which wood is curved by either boiling or steaming it and then bending it to the desired shape.

What Exactly is Steam Building

Steam bending is a technique in which wood is heated using water either in the form of steam of boiling. Steam bending is more frequently performed using steam at approximately one hundred degrees Celsius. The process of steaming the wood increases its pliability allowing it to be bent into different shapes. As the wood dries it will maintain the shape it has been bent into.

The steam bending process is used for any number of applications. A common area where it will be used is furniture. Furniture periodically requires curved wood for the shape and this is an ideal method of achieving this effect. Another common application of steam bending is stair rails. In many homes stair cases have a gradual curve upwards. Using the steam bending technique the wood for stair rail can be made to curve with the staircase.