Steam Cleaning Carpet vs Dry Cleaning Carpet

If you are trying to decide between a steam cleaning carpet method or a chemical/dry cleaning system for cleaning soiled carpet, the following facts can assist you in making this decision to maintain the beauty of your carpet.

Chemical/Dry Cleaning

This method of cleaning carpets is sometimes preferred because the carpets dry quicker, even though a small amount of water is used to inject the chemicals into your carpet during the process. Once the chemical has been placed and brush into the fibers of the carpet, the chemical, the dirt and debris mix together and form small crystals that, when dried, can be vacuumed up.

Unless you only want a surface cleaning of your carpet, this method is ineffective as only the dirt on top of your carpet is removed.

Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning system cleans the carpet more thoroughly. By using hot water on your carpet, the surface and the base of the carpet -after becoming saturated with water -then mixes with the dirt and debris and is then extracted by a powerful vacuum. This type of system is capable of removing sand that sinks and collects at the base of your carpeting and matting, sand that can grind into the carpet fibers and eventually destroy it.