Steam Cleaning Tile Floors as an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Harsh Chemicals

Steam cleaning tile floors is an excellent green alternative to harsh chemicals. It works by cleaning the area with tiny hot water particles that come out as steam. Chemicals can damage any staining or color that your tiled floors have been treated with. They can also damage any micro-polymer coating, glazing or weather proofing. Steam Cleaners can be hired or purchased at a reasonable cost and are easy to use.

Chemical Residues

Cleaning tile floors with a steam cleaner will not leave any chemical residues that can be dangerous to your family and pets. Substances such as bleach and harsh disinfectants can not only leave residues, but may not clean the dirt away, merely strip the dirt of color. Due to the fact that steam cleaning only uses water, the floor tiles will not be left with any lingering smell or chemical layer.

Those Hard to Reach Places

You can't beat steam cleaning for removing dirt and grime from hard to reach places such as corners and the grooves on the tiles. The steam will penetrate the hard to reach areas much better than scrubbing will. The directional hose attachment on a steam cleaner can also be used to clean tiles that are hidden under heavy furniture or structural features. Steam cleaning will give an overall gleaming finish with less hard work.