Steam Rooms Versus Saunas

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A favorite type of self-pampering among fitness enthusiasts is a steam shower sauna. This form of healthy relaxation is best done after a tiring day to rejuvenate the body and calm the mind. Both the steam shower and sauna use heat to create their relaxing effects, although heat is produced differently by a steam shower than a sauna. Using the steam shower or the sauna is beneficial to the body in many ways. Below are the differences between the steam shower and the sauna.

The Difference Between a Steam Shower and Sauna

The first difference between a steam shower and a sauna is the kind of heat that is used. A steam system operates on wet heat. Wet heat for the steam shower is produced either from a generator or by pouring water on hot rocks. The body exposed to the high temperature of around 100-120°F and humidity will give way to sweating, which aids in weight loss. Gyms and spas offer steam rooms equipped with fragrances to further relax the mood. On the other hand, the sauna operates on dry heat. Saunas register low humidity. The temperature in a sauna is 200°F F. In a double-level sauna, a lower bench level and a higher bench level are included. The temperature on the higher bench is higher because heat rises.

The Benefits of Steam Shower and Saunas

Steam showers are beneficial for people with breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis. The humidity in steam rooms alleviates breathing problems. The heat will cause the body to sweat more, thereby cleaning the body of toxins through sweating. The benefit of the sauna is basically the same as the steam shower, except that the sauna temperature can go higher temperatures than that of a steam room.

Drawbacks of Steam Showers and Saunas

Since a steam room creates wet surroundings, it could become a breeding ground for bacteria. This drawback may be avoided if the area is well-maintained. Wear special footpads when you are inside the steam room. The humid environment of a steam room and sauna may affect individuals who have active tuberculosis or acute arthritis. Saunas don't induce as much sweat, meaning you release fewer toxins in a sauna.

Personal Preference Guide Which to Choose

The choice between a steam shower and sauna—which can come as a Finnish sauna, a dry sauna, a Turkish bath, and an infrared sauna—comes down to your personal preference. Every option lend relaxation and other health benefits. The steam room is beneficial for those with breathing problems. Whichever you choose, always shower before and after each use.