Steel Staircase Design Specifications

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Steel staircase design specifications are the numbers and requirements that are used by architects and engineers to create stair plans. The specs should take into account the local building codes and OSHA requirements for staircases. The 3 parts of steel staircase design specs are general, products, and execution.


General staircase design specs include information like the type of stairs to be used. Often there are parts of the specifications between brackets that can be removed in certain cases, such as the mention of open riser stairs. In some areas, open riser stairs are against code, so this information would be put in brackets to let you know to disregard this where applicable.

Each part of steel staircase design specifications has several subsections. The general section might have subsections about handrails, submissions of the specifications, application publications, and other notes such as whether the staircase is straight, spiral, or curved.


Under the products section you'll find subsections that deal with things like the load the stairs should bear, design, fabrication, assembly, tread design, pipe railings and other specifications.

There will also be a subsection that lists all the materials needed for the steel staircase such as sheet steel, structural steel, steel pipe, steel grating, steel decking, steel place, iron castings and fasteners. A fabrication subsection will give instructions on how to build the steel staircase so that bolts and screws are concealed and the heads are countersunk. Another section will give welding directions, painting directions, and detailed specifications for guard railings. Different directions and specs may be given for closed riser stairs, and industrial stairs which may have open risers.


The final part of steel staircase design specs is the execution, also known as the installation. It gives instructions on how exactly to install the steel staircase. This part includes information on what can be done in advance and what must be done at the job site, as well as information regarding the hangers and struts needed to complete the installation.

Steel Staircase Specifications and Kits

One option to having specifications drawn and a steel staircase built on-site is to purchase a steel staircase kit. This option is particularly popular for those who want steel spiral staircases in their homes.

A steel staircase kit will give you the exact dimensions of the stringers, risers, treads, and handrails. Technical specifications will be included, such as the maximum load the staircase is designed to handle at one time. The detailed and complete installation instructions make it possible for a homeowner to install a steel staircase instead of hiring an engineer or architect to do it for him.