Steel vs Brass Butt Hinges

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If you are installing a new door, you might be considering installing brass butt hinges or those made out of steel. There are pros and cons to both types of butt hinges, and this article will provide some basic information on both types of hinges so that you can make a more informed buying decision.

Brass Butt Hinges

Brass butt hinges are attractive door hinges that can add a little contrast or nostalgic charm to a doorway. They are considered to be more traditional and match well with most types of doors. While solid brass hinges can be expensive, more common types use brass plating that makes them very affordable in most cases.

One drawback with brass is that it can oxidize and tarnish over time. Therefore, you will need to clean and polish the hinges from time to time in order to prevent them from becoming discolored or losing their shine.

Steel Butt Hinges

Generally speaking, steel butt hinges are more robust than brass hinges and are strong enough to support the weight of very heavy doors. They are also more resistant to abuse or tampering (such as with a hammer and chisel). This makes them a popular choice in an installation where security is the primary concern.

Although they are very secure, heavy-duty steel butt hinges are usually much more expensive than brass plated hinges. Therefore, while they are perhaps better suited for the main entrance door into the home, they are not practical choices for interior doors.