Stenciled Candle

What You'll Need
Vanilla candles
Stencil Adhesive
White craft paint
Candle Painting medium (we used DecoArt's)
Cotton balls
Rubbing alcohol
Sponge brush
Newsprint for protecting surfaces

Decorate your candles in a tone-on-tone design using simple stencils.


  1. Spray stencil adhesive on wrong side of stencil; allow to dry till tacky.
  2. Clean candle by rubbing alcohol soaked cotton balls on candle surfaces; allow to dry.
  3. Mix paint with candle painting medium. Center stencil on candle and press till adhered firmly into place on candle surface. Dip sponge brush lightly into paint; remove excess paint by dabbing brush onto newsprint. Paint stencil openings; remove stencil carefully.