Step by Step Urinal Installation Part 1

What You'll Need
Wall mounting

Urinal installation is not something that most people do in their homes or businesses, so you might be considering whether to call in a plumber for help with this project. However, if you are feeling adventurous, then you will be able to get the best of your urinal installation by following a few simple instructions. In Part 1 of this guide, you will learn how to fit the mounting board, add the cold water line, and install the drain pipe and waste outlet.

Step 1 - Fitting the Mounting Board

The first step in adding a urinal to your bathroom is to add a mounting board to the wall. In most urinal installations, the wall is extended a little further out from the rest of the room, as this allows you to conceal all of the fitting behind tiling. Walls come in a number of different varieties, but most personal urinals reach the floor, as stand-alone items.

Attach the mounting board to the wall, making sure that you install it so that all of the urinal fittings can be screwed it into this board. Place the board between two board studs, and then attach the edges of the board to the studs using some nails.

Step 2 - Add the Cold Water Line

Once the mounting board has been fitted, you are then ready to start connecting the water pipes. First take the cold water pipe, and bring it to the front of the mounting board. Make sure that you have the pipes in the correct position to attach to the front of the faucet. You should add a shut-off valve before the pipe is moved into place, as this will allow you to turn it off whenever you wish. Add an elbow pipe, so that the final piece of the cold water supply line is facing forward, ready to be attached to the urinal.

Step 3 - Installing the Drain

When you have added the supply line, you can then fit the drain into the urinal. Place the strainer into the hole at the bottom of the drain, and add a layer of caulk to the metal. Press the strainer down into the hole, and ensure that it is sealed tightly. Underneath the strainer, on the underside of the urinal, you should add two or more washers, one of rubber and the others of metal. Then add a nut to the bottom and tighten. The drain strainer should now be secured to the urinal.

Step 4 - Installing the Waste Outlet

You will now need to attach the waste outlet to the drains. You can do this by laying pipes until you come to the toilet waste pipe. Attachment of a T-pipe will allow you to join in two drain lines, one from your toilet and the other from your urinal. The wall should be refinished once you have done this.