Stone Fireplace Facade Removal Guide

A dirty stone fireplace.

With most remodel projects it is necessary to remove the stone fireplace facade. It could be old, have missing stones, or is just not going to fit with the overall theme of the room. The good news is that removing the stone fireplace facade can be a great do it yourself project that will save you money.

Tools Needed

You only need a few tools for the removal of a stone fireplace facade. A cold chisel and small sledgehammer (a 3 lb hammer would be good), are all you need to remove the stone.

Remove the Mantel

The first step in removing the stone facade is to remove the mantel. You can do this easily by either prying it with the chisel giving it some taps with the 3 lb hammer.

Find a Joint

Once the mantel is free from the wall you will be able to see the mortar joints and where the rock come together. Using your chisel and hammer, begin prying loose the stones by hammering with sharp blows to the chisel and prying motion. Once the mortar is loose enough on your stone fireplace facade, remove the stone by hand. Do this one stone at a time working from top to bottom.