Stone Masonry: 8 Tools You Need

Working in stone masonry  is an activity that requires acquisition of specific skills. Practice in stone masonry work may not necessarily make perfect but will improve the results. There are quite a few tools that perform a wide variety of tasks leading to beautiful stone masonry results. Some stone masons stick to the simple hand tools that have been used since the dawn of mankind—hammer and chisel. Many modern commercial manufacturers of stone products employ computerized assembly lines that control cutting and shaping. There are also air-powered, pneumatic tools that make the tasks faster and easier. Here are the tools you will need for working in natural stone masonry by hand.


A point is used for roughing out areas and knocking off high spots.


A chisel is used for general shaping, roughing out and splitting stone. Chisels are available in numerous sizes with flat, bladed, tapered and other shaped chipping points.


Use a pitching tool to trim flat stone to size.


A Tracer is used to trace lines on the stone for splitting


Use a chipper for squaring edges.


Also used for squaring but when additional strength needs to be applied.

Plug Drill

This tool allows holes to be created by rotating between hammer strikes.


A hammer is used to strike a chisel or other implement to cut and shape the stone.

A hammer is one of the first hand tools used by a hominid millions of years ago. The chisel is just as old.