Prevent Water Damage in Your Basement

finished basement

A wet basement can develop into a complete disaster, especially since many maintenance systems are installed in that area, such as electrical wires, water and sewage pipes, and garbage disposal. Read the following guidelines to learn how to prevent water damage caused by HVAC systems, ventilation systems, pipes condensations, sump pumps, walls, ceiling, and the foundation. Be thorough when performing these inspections and be sure to inspect your basement regularly

HVAC Systems

Heating and air conditioning systems must be inspected frequently. Check the drain pans and remove debris to allow free flow. Inspect the filters and replace them as needed. When inspecting the HVAC, examine the ductwork and seal deteriorated insulation.

Pipes Condensations

Pipe condensation is a common plumbing problem caused by sweating pipes. This problem promotes mold, corrosion, and rot if it is ignored. Insulating your pipes reduces condensation.

Sump Pumps

Sump pump systems assist in keeping unwanted water out of your home. When checking the pump, make sure the outlet pipe is not frozen or clogged and that it directs water away from your home.

Clean the air hole in the discharge line. Ensure that the motor is running well. Test the pump by filling the sump pit with water to make sure the pump is working properly. Check that the pump is actually pumping out water.

Walls and Ceiling

Check the walls and look for signs of moisture. Moist walls may indicate an internal leak. Examine the walls for stains. If you detect stains, follow them to locate the source of the problem and fix it. Even the smallest leak in the basement must be treated promptly.

The Foundations

Foundations are not always waterproof. Gaps and cracks are created as the house shifts and settles. The landscape also changes over time, leading to excessive water in the soil around your home. Seek professional help if you need to make any landscape or foundation repairs.


Inspect all ventilation systems including water heater, exhaust fans, and dryer vents. If you suspect any failure of these systems, repair it right away.