Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

Pots and pans hanging on a rack.

Small kitchens can be difficult for those who love cooking and baking gadgets. If you collect everything from crock-pots to the newest ice cream maker, let alone everyday items like cups and plates, a small kitchen usually leaves very little storage space. To make room for the things you just can’t give up, you can get creative with a few ideas to increase your space.

Wheel It Around

There are different items that you can bring into the kitchen temporarily and then remove when you don’t need them such as a blender, toaster oven, or even small microwave. A rolling cart is a good place to store these things, and since it’s on wheels, you can roll it in and out of your kitchen as needed or just leave it adjacent to the room. Rolling carts made specifically for kitchen storage often have one or two shelves or drawers, the counter top, and maybe even hooks on the sides that you can hang things on like measuring spoons or coffee cups.

Wall Improvements

Adding shelves to your walls will give you extra space for small items, but beware of allowing clutter to accumulate on them. Since the items will be on display, make sure they're your nicer cups, plates, or bowls to make the space as pleasing to the eye as possible. Putting some hooks into the walls in inconspicuous places will give you space to hang items like serving spoons, spatulas, pot holders, or towels. A pot rack is also a great way to save space since it frees up cupboard space for items you may not reach for on a daily basis. Since knife blocks take up counter space, you may find that a magnetic wall mount for knives is a welcome solution.

Island and Dining Options

Lack of storage space doesn’t always mean lack of room space. If you have a larger floor plan with space for an island, consider having one installed with extra cabinets or shelf space. Another option is putting in a temporary counter top, like a high table, giving you storage space underneath for stools. Having an island provides extra work space if you lack counter tops, as well as an area to eat at. If you are more limited on space but want your dining area to be included in your kitchen area, get dining furniture that uses a bench for seating with storage underneath. This will give you extra storage without taking up extra room.

Inside Cabinet Ideas

Many cabinets have wasted space because they are very deep and you can’t reach all of the space in the back. Consider installing Lazy Susan shelving, or sliding shelves that can move in and out to make the space easier to use to full capacity. There are many unique cabinet organizers that give you stacking solutions for cans, spices and smaller contained food. Dowel rods inside cabinets also keep paper towels and dish rags handy without extra drawer or countertop space.

Alternative Space

Consider storing items you don’t use very often in another area of your home like your basement, laundry room or closet. For instance, maybe you have a roaster that you only use for cooking during the holidays. You obviously can store such an item outside of the kitchen, however, this may be the case with other items that you haven’t considered doing that with. Something you use only once a month does not need to be stored in the kitchen if you have somewhere else you can put it.

Downsize Packaging

Be conscious when you are storing your foods and spices. Many items come packaged in a box or larger container and can be removed and placed in something smaller. For instance, you can consolidate all prepackaged snacks, like granola bars or cracker packs to one box, basket, or Ziploc bag to free up pantry space. Store baking items like flour and sugar, and coffee grounds or cereal in glass storage containers. Also, don’t buy more than you need or will use frequently. This allows the space to be used for the items you know you will want to have on hand all the time.