Storing Decorative Flags

Storing decorative flags is important especially in cold climates where they need to be removed. Decorative outdoor flags and garden banners need to be protected when not in use.



Typical shirt boxes, like the many used to pack a holiday gift, make perfect storage containers for your decorative flags. These boxes can sit flatly and can be stacked one upon the other. Plain boxes can be identified with a permanent marker noting its contents.



A great idea, especially if reusing flags constantly, is to place your decorative flags on a clothes-hanger like device with multiple cross bars to hold several. If you use decorative flags rotating use, a hange4r device for storing your decorative flags is an excellent choice providing ready access not available when boxing them away.



Nylon bags are also a great choice for your decorative flag storage. This is especially true if the flags are attached to poles. These nylon bags are durable and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. Larger sized bags could accommodate all your poled decorative flags by simply rolling the flag around the pole and placing it inside the bag with the bare part of the metal pole facing downward.

Many seasonal flag kits can be purchased with an accompanying storage container.