Storm Damage Repair: Mending a Broken Fence

What You'll Need
Pry bar
Rip saw
Work gloves
Exterior paint
Measuring tape
Fence stretcher

If a local storm has left a lot of devastation in your area, you may be faced with storm damage repair jobs on your property. You need to keep in mind that a storm can cause damage to almost everything: homes, cars and even fences. In case the bad weather breaks the fence that you have in your yard or around your outdoor area, you must repair it as soon as possible because wood is most likely to rot and break down with rain, wind, snow and ice.

Step 1 – Checking the Fence

Use a pry bar to check the areas of your fence which are broken. In case there are nails fixed to the wooden posts of your fence, use a pair of pliers to remove them. You need to always wear a pair of work gloves when you are mending a fence which was broken in bad weather.

Step 2 – Measuring the Damaged Area

Measure the broken sections of the fence by using a tape measure. Buy a new supply of wood to replace the broken pieces from the fence. Try to purchase wood that matches the one from your fence as much as possible. Measure the wooden post of the fence and use a rip saw to cut the wood to fit the measurements of your damaged fence.

Step 3 – Replacing the Broken Wood

Remove the damaged wooden posts and replace them with the new posts by installing them properly in the gap where the broken posts were once located. Place a level on the new post of the fence to make sure that it is straight.

Use a hammer and nails to fix the posts to the frame of the fence. Make sure to hammer down the nails in even spaces between one another so that the new post is firmly fixed to the fence’s frame.

Step 4 – Painting the Fence

Apply paint to the surface of your wooden fence. Make sure that you using exterior paint of a very good quality to paint the fence. Let the exterior paint dry thoroughly after you finish painting and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Painting the fence is optional but it is a very good idea because it conceals the storm damage repair.

Step 5 – Mending the Barbed Wire

If your broken fence is made of barbed wire, remove the broken wooden post gently from the fence and make sure that you do not cut the barbed wire when unfastening it. If you notice any snapped areas in the wire, repair them by pulling together the wire with a fence stretcher.

Pull the edges of the wire from the fence and put the edges back together so that the barbs are adjacent to one another. Twist a wire from the left hand side of the fence in a counter-clockwise manner and wrap the remaining barbed wire clockwise. Make sure that when you wrap the barbed wire, you wrap it for a minimum of about three times.