Storm Door Frame: Repair or Replace?

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What You'll Need

If your storm door frame is damaged, you may wonder if it is worth repairing or if it should just be replaced. Consider the following questions and information in order to determine whether you should repair or replace your storm door frame.

Is the Door Sagging?

If you have a sagging aluminum storm door frame, then you can most likely repair it. Use a turnbuckle, wire, and sheet metal screws to shore up the sagging area. In addition, make sure the wire is visible only from the interior. You may be able to simply add more screws into the frame and make the door square again. Also, be sure that the door will latch properly after the repair.

Is the Door Frame Rotting?

If the beginning of rot is just starting to deteriorate the condition of the wooden frame, then you may be able to sand the wood, repaint, and preserve the frame. However, if there are large sections of rotting wood on your frame, replacement is likely your best option as it will be too costly to repair.

Is the Frame Loose?

If the wooden frame has gotten loose, square the door and reinforce and secure solidly to the wall using long screws. Make any necessary adjustments to the latch, since pressure from an incorrectly installed latch may be causing the looseness in the frame. After this repair, if the frame is still loose and malfunctioning, replacing it could save you additional repair costs and trouble.