Storm Door Handle Replacement In 4 Steps

Person shutting a white storm door
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-70
What You'll Need
New storm door handle
What You'll Need
New storm door handle

A storm door handle is the most common part on a storm door to become broken. The safest and most cost efficient thing to do when your handle breaks is to replace it entirely with a new handle. This is very easy to do and can be accomplished in four easy steps.

1. Remove Broken Storm Door Handle

Your storm door handle is attached and secured using two screws. To remove the broken handle, simply unscrew the screws and take off the broken handle. If the handle is old and the screws don’t want to come off, you can spray the handle and the screws with something like WD40 to loosen them up.

2. Buy a New Handle

Not all storm door handles are the same. To make replacing the broken one as easy as possible, take it to a hardware store and buy the exact same one. If it is not the same, the holes may not line up, resulting in the need to drill more holes. This could result in mistakes and the need to cover up the holes from the previous door handle.

3. Assemble Outside Handle

Your new storm door handle will include two main pieces: the inside handle and the outside handle. Depending on the style that you have, the outside handle will most likely have to be put together before it can be installed. The main handle, shaft, push-button, spring and plastic hold-down will all fit together. The push-button will fit through the back of the handle while the spring goes on the shaft. Then the shaft will fit into the button and you will need to place the spring over the shaft so that it sits around the bottom of the base. Once this is done, place the plastic piece over the shaft, pushing down until the ends of the plastic are situated.

4. Install the New Handle

Once you have assembled the outside handle all that is left to do is to install both the outside and inside parts of the handle. Take the outside handle and line it up with the holes from the previous handle. They should line up perfectly. Holding it in place, take the inside handle and line it up with its corresponding holes. Install the screws on the inside handle. They should line up with the outside handle also, screwing it in place at the same time. Once the screws are all the way in, test out the door handle to make sure it works. Also, follow any specific instructions that came with the new storm door handle kit.