Storm Door Hinge Replacement Tips

If it becomes necessary to replace a storm door hinge, it is essential to do it properly to ensure that you do not encounter any future problems. Keeping a few tips in mind during the process will help to make the storm door more secure.


Different hinges come in different sizes so it is necessary to measure the existing storm door hinge to ensure that the replacement is the correct size. The width is the most important measurement as the length can be extended if necessary.


In the event that the holes for the screws that hold the storm door hinge in place have worn down, it may be prudent to fill them and locate the hinge alongside it. Alternatively, extend the holes to enable it to accommodate a rawl plug before inserting the screw.


When considering a new storm door hinge, determine the extent of the weight that it is able to bear. If you are aware of the weight of the storm door, this will ensure that it is appropriate and will keep the door safely in place.            


Choose the material of the storm door hinge carefully by considering what it will be subject to. In addition to making sure it is hardy, it must be made of a material that can withstand the elements.