Storm Door Repair Steps To Stop Slamming

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  • 1 hours
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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Performing storm door repair in order to stop your door from slamming is very easily completed. You can repair your door and keep it from slamming in the following steps:

Step 1 - Hold The Door Open

In order to stop the door from slamming closed during the storm door repair, you will need to make one or two adjustments to the door’s mechanism. In order to do this, you will need to lock the door in an open position.

Step 2 - Check the Pin

Once the door is locked in an open position, loosen the tension on the closer’s connecting pin. The closer is what allows the door to open and close smoothly without slamming shut all the time. If your door is slamming, it could mean that the closer’s pin needs to be adjusted. There is a row of holes that you can use to adjust the position of the closer. Adjust the closer’s mounting position by moving it to another hole and test out the door.

Step 3 - Adjusting the Screws

If changing the closer’s mounting position didn’t work, then you will need to adjust an inner screw. This adjustment screw is located at the end of the closer. Using a screwdriver, turn clockwise for a slower, softer close. Make a small adjustment and try closing the door. If it still slams, turn the adjustment screw a bit more until the door stops slamming.