Storm Door Replacement Made Easy

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 125-500
What You'll Need
New door to fit the space
Measuring tape
Drill or electric screwdriver

Follow these few steps for quick and easy storm door replacement. Before you begin, keep in mind that there are different sizes and styles of storm doors, so be sure the replacement door you have chosen is the right size for your frame.

Step 1 - Measure and Purchase New Door

Measure your old door to be certain that it is a standard size of 30, 32, 34, or 36 inches wide and 80 to 81 inches high. If so, you can go to a home improvement store and buy a storm door kit. If not, you must special order one.

Step 2 - Remove Old Door

Using your electric drill, remove the old door at the hinges. Also remove all the old frame pieces and clear the area. Remove any shims or supports; your new door will not fit in exactly the same way, and you’ll need to redo any fitting.

Step 3 - Prepare New Door

Remove the door from its packaging. Place towels over the sawhorses to protect the door from damage. Remove the door from its packaging and lay it on the sawhorses. Remove shipping tabs and remove the screens and glass for ease in installation.

Step 4 - Install Hinge

Take the hinge frame and mount it to the side of the door. The hinge piece is likely longer than the door, so the hinge will need to be trimmed with a hacksaw before it is installed. Measure the door opening, transfer that to the hinge, and trim.

Step 5 - Add Door Bottom

Slide the door bottom onto place at the bottom of the door. This sweep will be adjusted after the door is up, so for now, push it up as high as it will go to prevent any interference with the install.

Step 6 - Hang Door and Frame

Using a single screw at the top of the hinge, put the door in the opening and hang temporarily.

Install the mounting frame pieces one at a time, beginning with the top mounting frame. Attach with screws, then install the side mounting frames one at a time. Adjust and secure with screws.

Test open and close the door to be sure it is aligned properly. Add another screw to the bottom of the hinge if needed to be sure the door is swinging properly. Adjust as needed. Secure firmly with screws once it opens and closes properly.

Step 7 - Adjust Bottom Panel

Adjust the bottom piece so that the rubber sweep just brushes the threshold. Use the provided screws to put it into place.

Step 8 - Add the Door Closer

Following the instructions that come with the door, install the door closer. This can be a tricky operation, so following instructions carefully.

Step 9 - Install Hardware

Install the door handle and locks on the door. Position the strike plate carefully and be sure to align it properly with the locks and/or deadbolts. Secure with long screws that drive into the framing 2x4 boards, not just the door frame.

Step 10 - Install Glass and Screen

The final step of the door install is to replace the screen and the glass into the door.

You will enjoy the look and function of a new storm door on your home.