Storm Window: Cost Comparison Summary

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Storm window cost comparison can become very challenging. However, all you need to know is what basic types of storm windows are available, what they cost, and whether they are the right choice for you. Each type of window has individual benefits which you need to take into consideration. Prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but certain types can be much cheaper than others due to strength and availability.

Temporary and Permanent

There is a wide range of temporary and permanent storm windows available. Temporary storm window costs will be much lower than permanent versions. This is because temporary windows do not require as much equipment to fix the window in place. Permanent windows include the cost of sashes, screens, and other factors. Permanent windows will often be installed by a professional, which means that you have to consider additional working costs.

Disposable Materials

Disposable storm window materials vary greatly. Mylar, polyester, and vinyl are all suggested materials for cheap and temporary storm windows. You will often be sold a disposable storm window in large quantities. This is because the storm windows will have to be replaced more often. You can get double the amount of temporary storm windows for half the price of a permanent glass storm window. It is possible to buy only the material needed for your storm window if you already have the window and a frame installed.


Plastic is the cheapest material you can use for an interior storm window. A do-it-yourself plastic storm window kit will cost around $60. This is a small price to pay when compared to other more expensive materials like carbon fiber or glass. Plastic is cheap because it is less durable. It will resist a variety of weather conditions well for a short space of time. You may have to change the storm window more often but it will not cost as much.


Glass windows have a number of benefits over other materials. They last longer, they look better and they are more effective. Glass storm windows costs can escalate because the majority are custom made. This means you are able to supply specific measurements to the manufacturer and request for your storm windows to be made. Custom-built glass storm windows will cost you around $200 for each individual window. They will be permanent and will guarantee you peace of mind.


A cheap way of enhancing the effectiveness of cheap storm windows is to buy a frame. This will fit around the window and provide extra insulation and support. The three main materials for storm window frames are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Frames cost a fraction of the price of an actual window. You can negotiate a set for yourself at any good home improvement store. A standard frame will cost you around $10 for a single window. Frames will keep the air in or out as well as preventing a plastic storm window from violently bending during a storm.