Stripping Tile Sealer

Tile sealer is used to set tiles into concrete and on concrete board in bathrooms. The sealer is a compound that is similar to grout that forms an adhesive bond to the surface and the tile.

If you want to change the look of your bathroom or other area where tiles were set with tile sealer you will need to first remove the old tile are find a stripper to remove the remaining sealer and clean the wall before the new installation can take place.

Commercial Stripper

You will need a solution consisting of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP). TSP is used to remove the sealer and lift the excess material from the walls. You should start by removing the tiles from the wall with a lever or crowbar type tool. You can use a vacuum to clean up any loose debris and clear the wall before applying the TSP solution.

A tile and paint store can provide you with an industrial grade stripper sufficient to remove the sealer.

Prepare the Wall Surface
Allow the solution to dry and remove any remaining debris from the wall. You will need to patch any holes or cracks that may appear during the removal process and make sure that the wall is clean before retiling.