Stucco Application: Mistakes to Avoid for Stucco Ceilings

A background of old, yellow stucco.

The easiest method of applying stucco to a ceiling is using a stucco spray. You can DIY as long as you avoid making certain mistakes, which will make your ceiling look like a horrible accident.

Remove Ceiling Accessories

Ceiling fixtures, such as light fittings or fans, will be in the way of the stucco application. Leaving ceiling fixtures in place is a common mistake and could ruin your appliances. Make sure to cover the wires, boxes, or brackets left after these items have been removed. You don't want them getting covered with stucco spray.

Clean the Ceiling

Make sure to clean the ceiling before you begin. You can do this by vacuuming over the surface. Not cleaning a ceiling before beginning stucco application can prevent the stucco from clinging properly, leaving you with crumbling stucco that has to be removed completely.

Add a Glaze

Before you finish the stucco ceiling, add a glaze over the surface. This will help the stucco stick together.