Stucco House Construction Tips

Stucco house construction is a traditional siding technique that is still popular today. It provides great insulation and provides an energy-efficient alternative to other siding. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to your stucco house construction project.

Consider Newer Innovations

A focus on the environment has brought many new innovative designs in green building. One of these is using straw bales in the construction of stucco homes. The concept has actually been around for over a century, but has recently gained a new focus. The idea is that the stucco cement is placed on stacked bales of straw instead of the metal wire traditionally used. This makes the construction faster, more energy efficient, and uses a completely renewable source.


The color of your stucco can be painted at any time. You can actually find dyed materials though if you are wanting to build with a certain color and avoid painting right after construction.

Home Design

While we tend to associate stucco with Spanish and Southwestern style homes for historical reasons, it’s a popular siding choice on other home styles as well thanks to its cost and energy efficiency.