Suggested Hand Held Shower Slide Bar Placement

shower with tile back and leaded glass wall

A hand held shower slide bar installed in your bathroom will give you the best versatility for your showering experience. The greatest advantage of having a slide bar hand held shower is the ability to adjust the position to accommodate heights and preferences of everyone in the house. Here are some things to consider when selecting the best shower slide bar for you.

1. Choose Your Shower Slide Bar

There are a number of makes and models of the hand held shower slide bars for your home. A chrome finish is a clean look for a shower and there are a number of brands on the market that have this finish on their shower bars, but there are other finishes that might better match the other fixtures in your bathroom.

You should also make sure that you buy the model that can be installed in your existing shower. Check to be certain that the model you choose is compatible with your existing hardware in the shower. The slide bar shower will replace your existing shower head and give you the ability to position the head in a way that best suits your preference when showering.

2. Why Use a Hand Held Shower Slide Bar?

water running out of a shower head

A hand held shower head gives you the ability to get a complete body rinse by directing the flow of water exactly where you want it. With a static shower head you must move your body to allow the water to reach every area of your body. When you use a hand held, you can move the shower head instead.

A slide bar in the shower allows you to position the shower head when it is static at the best height for everyone in the house. The height that you choose is simply a matter of preference. Some people prefer to have the shower head as high as possible over their head, while others prefer it a little bit closer. The glide on the slide bar lets you put the shower head where you want it to be for your individual shower. Shorter members of your household can bring it down closer to their level and taller folks can leave it up high.

3. Traditional Placement

About 72-78 inches is the standard height for a shower head. Install the hand held shower slide bar at this heights and allow everyone to adjust it to their own individual preference. Children may need assistance bringing the shower head down to their height. The water will not get cold before it hits your head, so feel free to put it up on the high end if this is your preference.

4. Extra Features

Along with the proper placement of the shower head, you can buy a model that has some massage features. This is a wonderful tool to have in the bathroom for those times when you need a little extra attention in the shower. It can soothe sore muscles and energize you for the day.

A hand held shower slide bar in your shower can add some extra relaxation to your daily cleanse without a lot of hassle or expense.