Suggested Types of Paint to Use for Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass columns are becoming a common component of most architectural works due to its cheaper price and it is also promotes protection of the environment as it lowers use of wood. It is also quite handy and lightweight thus installation cost is significantly reduced. Some fiberglass columns can be bought as pre-primed by the manufacturers but there are also those which need to be primed prior to painting the desired color. Priming of the fiberglass used for columns is quite essential as it will promote easier paint peeling and flaking in as early as two years. Priming can also aid in identifying the right paint to be used. Painting is often done to enhance the effect of the fiberglass columns but is also done to protect the columns from water and ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Fiberglass Composition

Before selecting the color coating that you want to apply on your fiberglass column, it is important to remember that fiberglass is not porous like wood so paints do not adhere as much to the surface of the fiberglass. Also, it is not as compact as one think. There are holes or spaces in between. Thus aside from purely painting the surface there is also a need to seal in these leaks for a whole matte finish. Here are the commonly suggested paints that are used to paint fiberglass columns.

Water-Based Acrylic Paint or Oil-Based Alkyd Paint

These are perfect paints for fiberglass columns that are to be installed in exteriorly or in spots that are facing the outside section of the building or house. It is advised that 100% acrylic paints are used to color exterior fiberglass columns or even for porches and trim works. Acrylic paints are commonly preferred than alkyd paint since the former dries very quickly so there is no need to wait too long to apply another coating if needed. Effort needed to finish the task is also significantly curtailed. In terms of odor, acrylic paints have no strong odors and can also be cleaned with soap and water. Any mistake made perhaps on the first coating can be erased immediately. These types of paints however can only be painted on fiberglass columns which are properly primed.

White or Cream Colors

Most fiberglass columns can be simply coated with cream or white if the owner is too traditional about it or for those who would like to let their fiberglass columns appear clean and way simply. Other may also play around the plain cream or white coating by applying either faux painting or crackle painting. Faux painting gives a marble like finish to the fiberglass columns. The fiberglass column is often initially coated with the traditional colors cream or white. Putting on a paint of acrylic type with glaze effect can be added as a finishing coat to faux painted fiberglass columns. Aside from the dashing effect on the fiberglass column, it will also ensure that the paint can be washed easily but with an extra sheen.