Sumac Pruning Tips

blooming sumac tree
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50

Sumac pruning tips will keep your tree in a healthy condition year after year. Unlike the plant known as Poisonous Sumac, the Sumac Tree is not poisonous and can be safely pruned without risking any skin rashes. Sumac trees can be pruned during the spring to keep the tree attractive. Sumac trees grow an average of 15 feet high, so they can be easily accessed with a stepladder when you want to trim the top. There are a few tips to follow when you prune the trees.

Remove Dead Branches

Dead branches can be removed in the spring and summer seasons. Dead side shoots may also appear on healthy branches and can be cut off. The dead branches can be disposed of in the trash.

Trim Back Healthy Branches

Some healthy branches may grow across other branches, causing them to tangle. These can be cut off with garden clippers so the branches can grow straighter and provide room for the other branches. The top of the tree does not have to be cut back unless you want to sculpt it into a distinct shape, such as keeping it round.