Summer Annual Flowers: Zinnia, Sweet Pea, And More

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Summer annual flowers, also known as tender annuals because they are sensitive to the cold and grow best in warm summers, are extremely popular with home gardeners thanks to the wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes they come in.

Here is a quick list of summer annual flowers that can help you plan your garden.

Ageratum: A great border plant that prefers the sun.

Gerbera Daisies: Grows well in full to partial sun. For a good growth remove spent flower stalks.

New Guinea Impatiens: Prefers filtered sun over light shade.

Coleus: Will remain bushy if the growing tips are pinched back regularly.

Nicotiana: These plants reseed themselves for the following year.

Begonias: Versatile plants that grow in full sun as well as shady areas.

Verbena: Drought resistant and grow well in partial to full sun.

Marigold: Known for their vibrant colors.

Pansies: Well liked for early spring plantings because they tolerate cold temperatures.

Geraniums: They are a favorite with all gardeners as they can tolerate light frost.

Petunias: Favored for their hardiness and color.

Salvia: Thrives in sunny areas.

Zinnia: Germinate easily and grow quickly.