Sump Pump Basin

Before purchasing a sump pump basin, you will first need to understand a little bit about sump pumps and their purpose and functions.

How a sump pump works

Very simply a sump pump is a device that pumps water from a sump pit or receptacle that collects unwanted water due to flooding. Sump pumps are generally found in the basement of homes or businesses or on the floors of a building that are built below the earth’s surface and are below the normal sewer lines.

The essential duty of a sump pump is to prevent flooding from ground, rain, or black water by triggering a float. A sump pump will re-distribute the water either back through the buildings main water drainage pipes or away from the building to the outdoors. When water reaches a certain, predetermined level, the sump pump will start pumping the unwanted water.

Sump Pump Basin

A sump pump basin is designed to house a sump pump and to assist it in continually working properly by keeping it centered and keeping the float from getting stuck. The best sump pump basins are perforated with several holes to allow the unwanted water to enter and debris to remain outside of the pump.