Sunroom Additions That Are Out of This World

A sunroom is already an incredible addition all by itself. With the amazing detail that can be put into the sunroom, your home's value can be drastically increased. However, there are also those certain out-of-this-world sunroom additions that can simply take your breath away.

Sunroom Additions

A sunroom is a place that can serve several purposes. Adding one on to the backside of your home can make a great transition from your home to a patio or deck. The sunroom can serve as an extra summer bedroom, or even a dining room. The possibilities are endless. With some of these great addition ideas you will be able to not only add value to your home, but "wow" your friends and neighbors.

Full Glass Enclosures

Remove a portion of the back wall of your home and enclose it with several panes of sunroom glass. This will create an amazing atmosphere of more space and outdoor living without ever stepping outside. By aligning the right furniture in the space you can make a tremendous impact on the rest of the home. You can have a simple area with a few plants or an elaborate addition with several advanced features.

Upper Level Sunrooms

A breathtaking sunroom configuration is one that is elevated and attached to the second floor. This can make a great extension for a bedroom or a home office. Overlooking the surrounding area can be a great eye opening experience each morning, or a creative boost as you try and finish last minute details on a presentation. Built upon long stilts, the outside of an upper level sunroom is equally mind blowing.

Pool Sunrooms

Combine two of the most sought after house amenities within one room. A small indoor pool contained within a sunroom will be something everyone will be able to enjoy on those hot summer days as well as those frigid winter evenings.

Wrap Around Sunroom

Enlarging the available living space is one of the reasons that many people will add a sunroom to their house. To get the most bang for your home remodeling budget, add a wrap around sunroom that will encompass several rooms and contribute to an open living area. Dining rooms, family rooms and kitchens are great areas where you can have an extended, wrap around sunroom.

Indoor Pond and Meditation Garden

Most commonly known as a solarium, this type of sunroom is one that will contribute to a major decrease in stress levels and much improved health. Create a small indoor pond inside a sunroom and fill the pond with Koi and plenty of aquatic plants. The windows will let in plenty of light for the plants to flourish and add plenty of color to your home.

Let Your Imagination Go

Sunroom additions can be anything from a simple room with a few chairs in it to an entire area that encompasses several rooms and water features. Let your imagination run wild when you want to add a sunroom and you, your family and our home will be much better off for it.