Sunroom: Country Style Decorating

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A sunroom can be a perfect room for warm country style decorating. Some styles of sunrooms are built to fit into a southern flair, such as a Georgian style conservatory. Other designs can easily take on a country flavor through the choice of room, and the interior decorating used to make it feel like home. Keep in mind that country decorations often take the simplest route, and provide a level of functionality as well as a nice homey feel.

Wood and Glass

Sunrooms built with a wood and glass interior work well in a country style interior design. Furnish it with colonial-style furniture, and decorate with a replica milk urn filled with colorful long-stemmed grasses, along with a few strategically placed ceramic vases containing flowers that complement the tone of the wood. Glass oil lamps are always a nice touch, and have the benefit of being extremely useful if you live in an area prone to severe storms and power failures.

Stunning Views

Adding a strategically placed sunroom allows you to open up views that the side of your home has blocked for years. In a rural area, you may have a view of a pasture or meadow, and mountains may offer a breathtaking view that stretches for miles, and both might only be available to someone sitting comfortably in a sunroom decorated to bring out the best of the visible world outside. If you do not have such a view available, create one by building a pergola, and planting wisteria to cover the beams.

Simple Design, Extraordinary Comfort

A sunroom may be one of the least complicated parts of the house. Large portions of the walls and ceiling are covered with panels of see-through materials, eliminating the need for interior and exterior siding or insulation, and negating the use of wiring in that portion of the walls. Decorating in a country style adds emphasis to the simplicity of the room, turning a functional place into a comfortable room for the family to gather in.

Affordable and Elegant

A sun porch with solid wooden beams can be easily turned into the most elegant of country-style settings. Hang oil lanterns from hooks, and add a simple checkered tablecloth to your deck table, or replace it with a traditional style picnic table to give the room a more rustic appeal. Add a small garden pond, and decorate it with water plants, then add an old-fashioned hand pump, and create a country-style fountain with the water emerging from the pump.

Country Style Decorating

You don't have to spend a fortune for country decorating. If you have the money to invest in a few country-style artifacts, they make a wonderful addition, but the main key to country decoration is to keep it simple. Think wood, and use natural fabrics such as cotton or wool. Country folk live the simple life, and they have found that the simplest things often make for the most comfortable settings. Whether decorating in a southern style or a western one, the country-style makes everyone feel more at home without being overpowered by the surroundings.