Sunroom Prices: Adding a Back Door

Depending on your local building codes, you may need to include the cost of adding a back door to your sunroom when researching sunroom prices for your home. Door and windows are one of the largest variables for cost when building a sunroom, as there are many styles and qualities of both to choose from. Selecting a door that both looks good and insulates your sunroom well, and is within your budget, can be done with a little price comparison shopping. 

Sunroom Planning: Adding Doors

To keep costs down, you can add either a screened doors or traditional vinyl and glass doors. However, for a more versatile functionality and wonderful appearance, you can add garden doors or removable doors that can be swapped in warmer weather for large screen doors. These added features can push the cost of sunroom construction up considerably, depending on what materials you choose to have your doors made with and the style.  

Chances are, you will need to add an exterior door to your sunroom for fire safety reasons. Do a little research on what kind of door you want and make sure that it fits in your budget. There are many styles and features to fit any budget so make sure to shop around before you select a door for your sunroom.