Sunroom Prices: Preparing a Foundation

One factor that will affect your sunroom price greatly is the foundation. Your foundation will have to comply with your city’s building codes and depending on the climate in your area, you will have different requirements. For example, if you live somewhere that freezes during the winter months, your sunroom’s foundation will have to be deeper than a sunroom in warmer climates. These different foundation needs means more expense in materials and labor.

Preparing to Lay a Foundation

Another factor in preparing your sunroom’s foundation is to level or grade the area. If you have an existing deck that you would like to build your sunroom on, there are many types of sunrooms that can be built on them, but you will have to check with your local building codes to ensure that that option is in compliance with code. If you are building a sunroom from the ground up, you will want to start with a slab foundation. If the land that you want to build your sunroom on will not be able to be graded and leveled for construction, you will have to build a framed foundation using concrete or cement block walls. This type of foundation will also cost additional money in labor and supplies as opposed to a slab foundation.

Once you begin planning the location and get an idea of what kind of foundation will be used, you can most effectively begin to price out your sunroom.