Sunroom Prices: Superior Windows For Inferior Costs

The purchase of cost-effective windows provides an effective means of keeping sunroom prices to an acceptable level. Although trimming costs on windows is acceptable to a certain degree, a sunroom enclosure will ultimately benefit from the installation of good quality windows that actually save money over the longer term because of their efficiency.

Double-Paned Windows

Although a double-paned window doesn’t have the same level of insulation as a triple-paned alternative, the overall differences in long-term efficiency aren’t particularly noticeable. However, double-paned windows are much cheaper to purchase and when obtained in bulk, they can represent a huge financial saving.


Double-paned windows should be purchased with an argon layer between the two sections of glass. Argon is significantly heavier than air and acts as an insulator. Although argon-filled windows won’t represent an initial saving, they will provide an excellent means of shaving money off of future utility bills.

Metal Coatings                                                                                    

Many new windows are produced with a thin metal coating adhered to the panes of glass. Generally made from silver or titanium oxide, these coatings prevent warm air from escaping during colder months to make a glass sunroom more energy efficient.

Although cheaper windows can be purchased in single-pane format, they rarely represent good value and do little to promote any type of longevity or efficiency within a sunroom. Superior windows will pay for themselves over time; this is a factor that any homeowner should consider before siding with a cheaper option.