Working Basement Support Column into Your Design

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If you're thinking of redoing your basement, you are probably wondering how to hide a support column. The column is used to hold your home in place, so it cannot be removed or maneuvered around.

Consider these ideas for working around the support column in your basement:

  1. Build a large box around the pole and use crown molding to make it look decorative.
  2. Move a large piece of furniture like a couch or entertainment center right next to the pole so that it is not as noticeable out of the walking path.
  3. Build a shelf around it.
  4. Make a seating arrangement that wraps around the pole.
  5. Hide the column behind large pieces of furniture.

Sometimes a support column will look much nicer if it has a fresh coat of paint. Since it is typically metal, the column must first be primed before it can be painted. Choose a neutral color that will match the floor or walls to make it blend in. Spray paint is best for this project because it won't leave behind stroke marks and will only require one or two coats.