Support Columns

Support columns are used to help raise floor joists so that floors don't sag. If your floor is creaking or it isn't level, installing a column is a very easy way to fix the problem. You may need many support columns if you need to raise a large floor.

• Step 1: Measure the floor joists that have to be raised and cut a 4x6 inch piece of wood to the measurement.
• Step 2: Use rafter ties and screws to hold the beam in place underneath the floor joists.
• Step 3: Place the support columns underneath each of the wood beams you made with a steel plate in between the floor and the beam.
• Step 4: Use a wrench to lift the support columns a 1/8th inch every day until you reach the lift that you need.

Choosing Support Columns

When choosing your support columns, you will want to make sure the ones you have are adjustable. That way you can raise and lower the jacks to fix your floor. Never raise the floor more than a 1/8th of an inch at a time because you will risk damaging not only the floor joists, but the entire house structure.