Sustainable Cities: Tips for Recycling

More and more cities in the United States have become sustainable cities, or eco-cities.  These are cities that are dedicated to the consideration of the impact they have on the environment. Even if the city where you live may not have an eco-city designation, there are still many things you can do to make recycling a more central part of your life. The following are just a few of many tips that will help you on the road to “thinking green.”

Tip 1 – Think about What You Purchase

When possible, try to purchase items made from recycled materials.

Tip 2 – Limit Paper Use

Print on both sides of paper to reduce the amount of paper you use and instead of throwing paper away, use it for scratch paper.

Tip 3 – Use an Auto Thermostat Control

Setting your thermostat on auto control will save on your pocket book and will be an energy saver. Set your thermostat a few degrees lower in the winter and higher in the summer. If you feel cold, layer your clothing to stay warm.

Tip 4 – Look for  the “Energy Star”

When purchasing a new appliance, buy only those only with the  “Energy Star” logo.

Tip 5 – Turn Down Water Heater

By turning down your water heater to 120 degrees, you will save on your electric bill.

Tip 6 – Consolidate Car Trips

If you need to go shopping, take the kids to a movie, run an errand, etc., consolidate trips to save on time and energy.

Tip 7 – Fill your Dishwasher

To save on electricity and cleaning products, always fill your washing machine with laundry and fill your dishwasher with dishes before beginning a wash cycle.

Tip 8 – Turn off Lights and Appliances

If you are leaving a room, turn off the lights, the computer, television, and other appliances.

Tip 9 – Ride your Bike or Public Transportation

Encourage members of your family to ride their bicycles and to use your local public transportation instead of driving.

Tip 10 – Insulate your Windows

If you windows are not well insulated, have new window panes installed, or cover them with plastic shrink wrap which will insulate them as well as a second pane of glass would.

Tip 11 – Defrost Freezer Regularly

If you have a freezer that is not frost free, defrost it regularly which will allow it to run more efficiently.

Tip 12 – Use a Clothesline

On a warm spring day, hang your clothes on a clothesline rather than using the dryer. They will smell wonderful and you will
save energy in the process.

Tip 13 – Recycle vs. Trash

If your city has a recycling program, begin recycling items. You will be amazed how this will reduce your garbage volume, creating less garbage for the landfill. If your city does not have a recycling program, find out if there is another program you can use.

Tip 14 – Rewash Plastic Zip-Lock Bags

Rewash your plastic zip-lock bags and use them again.

Tip 15 – Donate Used Clothing

Rather than throwing away your used clothing, donate it to a local charity or used clothing store.