Swimming Pool Fountain Design Ideas

A pool with a fountain.

A swimming pool fountain can create added value and peace to your swimming pool. You can choose a fountain that is simplistic, or you can go with a style that is special and unique. Read on to learn about several different types of swimming pool fountain designs so you can choose which will best suit your needs.

Inside the Wall Fountain

A swimming pool fountain can be elaborate or subdued. As your pool is being built, you can add in a fountain design that resembles the main structure of the wall. It will have the same stone and finish as the rest of the pool. The water from the pool will flow into a small channel, and a pump will recycle it through a thin slit in the wall. The wall extends above the rest of the swimming pool. This type of fountain can be expanded to multiple areas of the pool as well as varying heights. The water recycling process happens anyway so might as well make it happen as a nice fountain.

Natural Rock Formation

You may want to create a cozy grotto where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Using rocks as a fountain is not a new concept and is used quite regularly at the edge of ponds or small water treatments, including fountains. These tend to be fairly large and resemble an actual waterfall cascading from a rock face. This design begins with a tub that is placed in the area you want the fountain. It rests on top of the swimming pool. It is then covered with mesh, and mortar is spread of it. It is built up in this manner for several levels, and the stone is stacked and strategically placed to achieve the finished look.

Roman Water Bath

The Romans are known for the incredible marble works of art that could be seen all over their territories. One work of marvel is the water bath which featured fountains in the shape of their Gods with water flowing from the mouth. You can achieve this same majestic visage by installing a concrete version of one of these faces. The water pump is installed inside the fixture, and the tubes run through the pool to the face. The water then flows freely from the mouth.

Watering Hole

If you don't want to have large fixtures around your pool and prefer something mute, a watering hole fountain may be what you are looking for. Choose an end where you would like this fountain to be placed, or you can put it in the center. The fountain mechanics are located on the floor of the pool. The fountain is tethered somewhere near the surface. The water is pushed through the hoses by a powerful pump, and what you get is a plume of water that breaks the surface of the water.