Swimming Pool Tiles: What Looks Best in Water

A swimming pool.

Swimming pools tiles can add a sense of style to your pool area. Tile can be installed above and below the water line on the walls of the pool. Some tile designs are better suited to be installed underwater than others. Consider the following as you plan to add tiles to your swimming pool.

Glass Tile Designs

Glass tiles below the water line can be used to create a beautiful mosaic design. The mosaic pattern can be on the bottom, on the walls, or on both parts of the pool. The nonporous nature of glass makes them an excellent material for use underwater. If you install glass tiles, use smaller sized tiles around the rim of your swimming pool. Smaller tiles will require more grout, but an extra amount of grout will help in preventing any slips on the smooth, wet tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

Glossy ceramic tiles are also an excellent material for adding a decorative look to your swimming pool. These tiles work best on vertical surfaces. Be sure to stick to glossy tiles because cracked glaze tiles will allow moisture into the material. This will cause stains on the tile that will be almost impossible to remove. Ceramic tiles with a green glaze can also become discolored by the chlorine in the water, so avoid using them in your pool design.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also nonporous. They can be installed on any part of the pool, including below the water line. The nonporous nature of the porcelain will prevent any staining or damage from the elements.

Ocean Designs

The ocean floor can be replicated in glass, ceramic, or porcelain tile and be installed on the bottom and walls of the pool. Consider creating a mural effect with your tiles. Choose an underwater ocean photograph and have the photo recreated on ceramic tile. The photo could include a coral reef, deep blue water, or a scene of colorful and vibrant ocean life. The walls can be installed as a mural ocean scene, and the floor can be installed as a solid ocean blue tile. Swimming pool tiles can be installed to create a 3-dimensional mural. Ocean creatures such as turtles, dolphins, and whales can be created with ceramic tiles and made to look like they are swimming through the pool.