Swing Set Safety: Four Ways to Keep Kids Safe

As with any play or outdoor equipment, playing a swing set carries a certain level of potential hazard. Follow these tips to ensure that your children and their friends are as safe as possible. Remember, however, that you must monitor children at all times, especially when playing outdoors.

Inspect Swing Set Base

To work properly, a swing set must be mounted on a solid level base. The poles metal A-frame styles can easily sink into the ground or become dislodged and move out of position. The posts are especially vulnerable when someone swings very high as the uneven weight can lift the pole off the ground.

Keep your kids safe by;

  • Securing posts with chains
  • Adding cement around the base of each pole
  • Creating a level surface area

Check the ground at the beginning of each season, especially after frosts and thaws. Wet ground can sink under the pressure of a swing set.

Inspect Swing Set Hardware

A swing set is put together with different types of screws, bolts and fasteners. Over time, these can become loose due to rain and heat or general use. If enough strain is put on loose bolts, the pieces can break apart, which can result in major injury.

If a child brushes up against a rusted bolt, she could scratch herself. Rust can cause an infection, and any scratch from outdoor metal should be treated with a tetanus shot.

Frequently check the condition of all bolts and tighten them up. Rub off the rust with a sander or sand paper. If you see a bolt that is already broken, replace it with another bolt. Evaluate any squeaking or bends in the structure of the swing set to ensure that the abnormalities are not caused by loose screws.

Check Wooden Swing Sets for Cracks, Splintering

Wooden swing sets are a great alternative to metal swing sets, but still have some safety concerns. Check the swing set for signs of cracking from age or weather. Boards may also develop roughness or splinters.

Sand any areas where splinters are showing. However, if the lumber is cracked, either fill with wood filler or replace the post entirely.