Swivel Chairs

colorful swivel office chairs

Swivel chairs feature a central leg, usually made out of metal, with a seat on top capable of spinning on the center bar.

Types of Swivel Chairs

There are a number of common types of swivel chairs used homes and offices. The most common kind is often interchangeably referred to as an office chair or computer chair. Certain types of dinner table chairs are swivel chairs, though that's a little less common. Frequently patio chairs are type of swivel chairs as well.

Advantages of the Swivel Chair

The main advantage of swivel chairs is the fact that they can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees. This allows the user to easily rotate around, giving them easy access to a greater range of area.

In the office they can prove to be especially useful where a desk is wrapped around a large area. This allows a person to access all portions of the desk without physically moving their chair. Office swivel chairs usually feature wheels on their base, allowing for side to side and forward or backward motion, too.