Sycamore Tree Propagation Methods

What You'll Need
Space or container for the seedling
Manure or compost

Two of the most popular ways to grow a sycamore tree are both easy enough for even the novice gardener to try. The Sycamore tree does not need a dormancy period or pre-germination.  The rate of germination can be influenced by treating it with gibberellins or plant hormones, which can be found in most gardening hobby shops.  For the most though whether the Sycamore will be outdoors or in a container it is a hearty, simple tree to grow.  

Problems that can stop the sycamore tree from germinating.

If the seed is not treated with hormones or hasn’t been properly germinated it will not successfully grow, but the most common reason for trees not rooting or taking seed is hard packed ground.  Taking extra care to eliminate these conditions will increase the sycamore’s odds of taking root and becoming a magnificent tree.

Step One:

Finding the right space for this particular tree is important.  Most varieties of the sycamore tree grow as high as sixty feet tall while others can reach over one hundred feet.  This will of course take many years, but you should keep in mind this might not be the right tree for planting in an area where space is at a premium or where it’s destined height might prove to be an issue.  
The tree will also need a sunny spot where it will not be subject to high winds or storms while still a young tree. Someplace near a wall or where a building will brace it in driving winds is the ideal spot.  

The spot must have proper drainage as this type of tree will not do well if left in standing water for long periods of time.  
Note: If you plan on growing the seed in a container until the tree is strong enough to transplant remember that it will need to be kept in a sunny spot. The container will need to be large enough to hold the tree as a sapling, and it needs to have proper drainage that allows the soil to stay moist, but keeps the roots from being over soaked.  

Step Two:

You can either buy the sycamore tree seeds from a nursery, or you can collect the seeds from adult sycamores.  If you choose to collect the seeds then wait until the winter months and gather them from the ground where they will fall from the trees. These seed pods are round and brown in color.  Dry these out, put them in a plastic bag and freeze them until spring.  

Step Three:

In late spring when the temperature has stabilized well above freezing then get your container ready or turn the soil over in the area you have selected.  Break apart the seed pods and scoop out the seeds. If you are placing these outside then after turning the soil break apart any mud balls or clots.  Toss any rocks or stones out of the area.  Mix in a little compost or manure.  You will need to water to give moisture, not to soak especially while the tree is young.