T1-11 Siding Installation: Two Tips

Man installing siding

While T1-11 siding is not as durable as most sidings, it can be installed so the upkeep on the siding is lessened and you can keep it well-maintained. Following the two tips below will help in this regard.

1. Start at the Bottom and Work Your Way Up

Begin siding by starting at the bottom of the building you want to side. Form a line with chalk about a half foot from the ground all the way around the structure. Use nails made of galvanized steel and place them, again, about a half foot apart from each other. Leave a space of less than a half inch around windows or doors for later caulking and sealing.

2. Make Sure You Weather-proof the Siding

Because T1-11 siding is not resistant to the damage caused by water, you'll need to caulk anywhere where water can seep behind the siding, such as the gaps around windows as well as the joints. Paint or stain the wood making sure the siding is well-protected and won't succumb to any of the harm that outside moisture can cause. Therefore, paint or stain the area so all the wood and crevices obtain full coverage.