T1-11 Siding: Pros and Cons

installing siding on a building
  • 24-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 2,500-20,000

T1-11 siding can be a cost-effective siding to use but it also has its downsides. Where and how you choose to apply the siding can make the difference between a positive or negative outcome.

T1-11 Is a Good Choice for Utility Sheds

If you want a siding that is economical for an outside utility shed, then T1-11 siding can't be beaten. Because it is vulnerable to moisture and therefore can damage easily, you'll need to weatherproof it when you install it on such a building. Just make sure you caulk around windows and doors and in and around joints. Also, give the siding a couple of good coats of stain or paint, and make it a point to check it regularly for any water damage or mold.

T1-11 Is Not a Good Choice for a Frame Home

Although it doesn't cost as much as other types of siding, T1-11 siding is not a good choice for a frame house. That's because the siding, as mentioned, is not weatherproofed and can become easily harmed from the effects of snow and rain. Therefore, homeowners who use the siding on their house may have to deal with such maintenance issues as mold and structural damage to the walls of the house. Better to choose a siding for your home that is durable and weather resistant.