Table Saw Stand Construction Ideas

A table saw stand is one way of freeing up extra space in a workshop by getting the table saw off the bench. Although many table saws come with their own stands, many do not.

So what might be some features you would want?


Fit the table saw stand with wheels so that it can be moved around easily


There are so many things that you use with a table saw it makes sense to build storage space for them on the stand.

Adjustable Height

Sometimes it would be just that bit more convenient if the saw table was a little higher or a little lower.

Light Weight

Table saws are quite heavy so the table saw stand doesn’t need to be. The stand should be lightweight but designed to carry the weight of the saw and be rigid when in use.


When the table saw stand is not in use just think how good it would be if it could be folded and stored away.


If not needed as a mobile saw stand, why not design the stand to serve more than none purposea saw horse for example?

If you were to build your own table saw stand, you would be able to design to fit into your own scheme of things and incorporate ideas of your own.