Table Saw Woodworking Projects: Building Bar Stools

A great table saw woodworking project for that person who also has an unfinished bar in the basement would be to make bar stools. Just merely buying manufactured bar stools from a store, the same kinds millions of other households own, isn’t as fun as making your own bar stools that will give your bar your own style. If you’re making the bar stools for a friend or family member then their bar will have your own special touch. You’ll also have a bargaining chip to get free drinks-free food if the bar stools are simply for a dinner or snack table.

Acquiring and Modifying Woodworking Bar Stool Plans

Unless you are highly technical, artistic, and have a talent for designing furniture, you may not want to make your own plans for a bar stool.  This could be a safety issue since the sitters will be tipsy as it is and a mistake in design could render a poor drinker injured; and not by their own accord but yours.

Bar stools are typically best to be made from wood or bamboo, although other materials like plastic or metal can be used. You’ll want to determine the style you would like your bar stool to be. You can choose from designs that swivel, are retro, backless, back-supported, contain fabrics, for outdoors or indoors, and so on. 

A good plan to start out with is an article titled, “Building a Bar Stool”. You can take different aspects of this design and modify it to your liking and style. You can use different woodworking techniques to imprint designs on the seats and legs of the stool.

Considerations When Making Bar Stools

  • Height is probably one of the most important aspects to consider. Measure the height of the countertop of the bar the stool’s being built for. When a person sits, they are usually the most comfortable when the edge of the counter is at the level a few inches below their sternum so that they can rest their elbows on the counter. This is where custom built bar stools can be specific to each person. If you can, measure the torso of the people that will be using the bar stools and come up with an average. Divide that number by half. That measurement will be the clearance between the top of your bar stool and the counter of the bar.
  • The style and color of the bar stool is another consideration. This should match the feel and color décor of the bar or table as well as the room. A pink flowery design probably wouldn’t sit well at a sports decorated bar in the basement.
  • Since the bar stool will be made from woodworking, the most obvious and important consideration is the type of wood. If they stool are going to be transported frequently then you may want to consider a durable type of wood. The same goes if there are kids around as any parent knows how innocently destructive they can be.