Tabletop Fountain Design Ideas

A tabletop fountain is a scaled down version of one you would see in someone's front yard, pool or garden area. One of the primary reasons to have a tabletop fountain is relaxation. The sound of the trickling water offers a calming sense to wash over you, which can be especially useful in a baby's room. The tabletop fountain can also add to the decor of the home if placed in strategic areas as some are larger but still small enough to fit on a table. The following article will share with you several design ideas for a tabletop fountain.

Babbling Brook

One of the best sounds to sooth yourself with is that of a running stream. The water trickles down a stream rushing over rocks to create that soothing sound. A tabletop fountain can create this sound without being elaborate or very expensive. All you need is a water pump with a low output and a beautiful stone bowl. Place the fountain inside the bowl and fill it with water. The pump will cycle the water and expel is slightly above the surface of the water. The sound you hear will be the water contacting and breaking the surface of the water in the bowl.

Rock Wall

This type of tabletop fountain is beautiful and relaxing. You can buy one, but they are also easy and fun to build. You'll need a square reservoir, water pump, hose, epoxy adhesive, metal washboard, faux rock paint and a thin rectangular reservoir nearly the same length as the washboard. Spray the washboard with the stone paint, and then glue in place with the epoxy. Glue the small reservoir to the top of the washboard so that the top lip of reservoir is even with the top of the washboard. Use a small shim to tilt the reservoir forward.

Drill a hole in the center of this small reservoir and thread the hose through it making it flush with the top of the hole and securing it with epoxy. Fill the small reservoir with water, set the pump in the bottom behind the washboard and turn it on. The water will flow up the tube and fill the small reservoir. This new water will flow over the edge trickling down the washboard.

Glass Wall

This is an identical construction as the rock wall above, but with glass in its place. Frost one side of the glass so you do not see the tubing. Use clear tubing and a clear top reservoir.

Rock Waterfall

Everyone loves a fountain that resembles a waterfall. To build this, you would need several small stones like river rock and a small wood platform that fits around a plastic basin. Stack and glue rocks to form a cliff on the platform and glue the basin in place. Fill the basin with water, place the water pump and insert the tube near the top of the rocks in the center. The water will come out of the hose and flow down the rocks.